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1860 Forest Hill Blvd. Ste 201 West Palm Beach, FL

Consider the proven experience of attorney, Stuart A. Young, P.A.

Our law firm has been providing quality legal representation to South Florida for over 25 years.

We remain truly committed to protecting the rights of our clients and advising them through all types of legal situations.

From Consumer Bankruptcy and Civil Trial Law to Personal Injury and Auto Accident cases we have the experience to help you understand and resolve any legal problem.

At the law firm of Stuart A. Young, P.A., we believe that “The BEST Settlement is NO Accident™” and our past results speak for themselves. Contact our firm to get answers to your legal questions today.

Notable Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2.4 million for settlement of claim of young child badly scalded when a defective hot water heater allowed boiling water to flow through the shower head.
  • $1 million for death of automobile passenger in a rear-end collision
  • $600,000 (limits of insurance coverage) for settlement of claim of toddler run over by a taxi cab when the babysitter failed to take adequate precautions.
  • $400,000 for an elderly woman involved in an automobile accident on the way to visit her terminally ill husband. As a result of the accident, she was hospitalized for three days. Tragically her husband of more than thirty years passed away during that time and she was unable to say goodbye to him.
  • $300,000 low back surgery to auto driver
  • $325,000 for non-surgical neck and back injuries with nominal property damage to car
  • $220,000 for neck injury without surgery for auto driver
  • $193,000 for a motorist who pulled off a public road only to “nose dive” into a ditch which had been left open and unguarded by workers for the State of Florida.
  • $150,000 for car accident with shoulder injury
  • $150,000 for police officer involved in car accident with neck and back injury
  • $140,000 for a woman who was rear-ended and underwent a minimally invasive spinal procedure with good results.
  • $132,500 for pedestrian injured by vehicle with soft tissue neck and back injuries no surgery
  • $110,000 neck and back injury with pre-existing injuries no surgery but epidural injections
  • $100,000 for elderly pedestrian with soft tissue injuries to neck and back
  • $100,000 for a bicyclist who was struck while riding her bicycle and suffered neck and back pain as a result of soft tissue injuries.
  • $75,000 for a fractured wrist.
  • $60,000 for a gentleman who sustained a fractured rib and lost a front tooth as a result of striking the steering wheel in an automobile accident.
  • $62,500 for a 16 year old girl who sustained an ankle fracture as a result of a tree falling on her leg during clean-up operations after a hurricane.
  • $50,000 for an elderly woman who fell over a bicycle rack which was partially obscured in a shopping center.


From our centrally located offices in West Palm Beach, FL, Stuart A. Young, P.A. provides the communities of South Florida with expert legal advice and counsel, backed by proven results.

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