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[vc_custom_heading text=”If you are considering your options to file Bankruptcy, you will want to be sure to avoid these common mistakes:”][vc_empty_space]
  • Filing for bankruptcy at the end of the year when you might lose your tax refund


  • Paying back your friend or relative in the 12 months before you file bankruptcy


  • Paying off your car loan before you file bankruptcy


  • Running up your charge cards before you file bankruptcy


  • Coming to the meeting of creditors without your driver’s license and original social security card


  • Paying off a credit card bill in full just before filing thinking that the company would then let you keep your credit card


  • Not filing your annual tax returns on time (unless you did not otherwise need to)


  • Lying on your bankruptcy schedules which you swore were true


  • Having your name added to a relative’s bank account “just in case”…


  • Hiring an inexperienced bankruptcy lawyer who is not Board Certified