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Bankruptcy can discharge and completely eliminate debts on credit cards, personal loans, car repossession debts, debts arising out of accidents without sufficient car insurance, and it can even restore driver’s licenses. Bankruptcy cannot eliminate child support but it may be possible, in some circumstances, to eliminate divorce property settlement obligations.  Call now to find out if bankruptcy is a good option for you.

Debt Reduction and Settlement

If you have been sued or simply owe a relatively small sum of money, then debt settlement can be a good option. It is important to note that debt settlement (unlike bankruptcy) can result in extra income tax owed for the amount of debt that was “forgiven”. Many debt settlement companies or lawyers do not adequately disclose this fact. Due to the high administrative costs associated with this method and  along with the additional tax burden, it is typically not the best way to resolve debt issues

Foreclosure Defense

This was very popular up until 2010 when property values plummeted, but with high homeowner’s insurance costs and other factors we are seeing an uptick in foreclosure filings. We can defend your foreclosure in state court so that you enjoy additional time to stay in your home and we can also try to have your mortgage modified.

Mortgage Modification

Since home values have increased exponentially of late, we do not see many mortgage companies willing to modify  this since they are now able to foreclose and have their mortgages paid in full. If we file bankruptcy for you, then it is easier to obtain a mortgage modification through our local bankruptcy mortgage modification program. In the event that a mortgage modification cannot be obtained we can still “catch up” on mortgage payments during a five year period in chapter 13 by paying your regular mortgage payment  and a bit extra so that your mortgage will be current at the end of five years

Probate and Wills

It is important for everyone to have a valid Florida will so that your property can be passed down to whichever loved ones that you, and not the state of Florida, select. Wills should be updated regularly as your needs and wishes change. Probate is the process where the court reviews your last will and testament  after death, claims by creditors may be filed, and heirs are paid.

“As a young lawyer handling all types of cases, I found that I had the most job satisfaction in helping people get out of debt and getting  a fresh start in life. I have been practicing for forty years now and every day I meet new  people from all walks of life, from many different countries and from very varied backgrounds. I look forward to meeting you and learning your personal story and finding out how I can best help you…”

-Stuart A. Young Attorney At Law

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